My name is Patrizia Tosto, and I live in Acireale, on the Ionian coast of Sicily, with my husband and my three children Alice, Ettore e Costanza..

In 2004, after the death of my sweet Druuna , a German shepherd life partner for 12 years , I started my search for a pet who can fillthe void left by Druuna but at the same time i wanted a pet that was totally different from her, because I believe that no other dog can represent for me what she's been in my life.

I wanted an animal that could live in the house without too much troubles for him and for us , so that the children could share the joys that this type of cohabitation offers.

So the choice fell to a Birman cat , what in my dream as a child was known as " a Siamese with long hair" ( grrr! As I get angry if someone defines them in this way today !) .

Looking for a Birman and documenting myself a little bit about this breed I came to the Cattery Kintamani of mrs Marta Picciurro and so, in the summer of 2005 arrived in Sicily Kintamani Luce a sweet female blue tortie.

What can I say ? Since that moment started in me an incredible love for these animals sinuous and elegant , sensitive and affectionate as to be sometimes just "sticky" .

And so another birman arrived soon to become part of the family : Dorje Ling Louis Vuitton a blue male , then arrived Neve a blue female daughter of Luce and Louis Vuitton and then Icingsugar 's Noah, male seal . Of course, all my cats live in the house with us and share all the space available to humans . For this reason their number will always be very limited , as well as the number of litters , such as athough is regulated by feline associations .


Here there are Alice, my daughter and me at our first Show : Naples with our wonderful Louis Vuitton